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If you are in a successful, lasting relationship, you understand that it requires compromise, commitment, and sacrifice. The happiest relationships are those where both parties selflessly look after each other. This balance shifts, however, if you find yourself caregiving for your partner. And this shift can have an adverse impact on the dynamics of your relationship if you’re not careful.

Naturally, you want to do everything you can for your spouse. Nonetheless, it’s vital that you ensure you’re not sacrificing your romantic connection in the process. Trying to parent your companion can cause bitterness – for both of you. To keep healthy boundaries in place, keep the following tips in mind:

If all this seems easier in theory, there are some specific things you can do to ensure you’re keeping appropriate boundaries when caregiving for your partner:

An at-home caregiver is a great option to ensure your partner has all of the support and help needed, letting you concentrate on spending quality time together as a couple. Contact us online or call us at (530) 885-7444 for more information regarding our Auburn, CA senior care services or care throughout the surrounding areas.

If a senior you love prefers carbs over carrots, it can be difficult to figure out how to help fulfill their nutritional needs. And you are not alone. The CDC shares that just one in 10 older adults meet the recommendation for at least two servings of fruit and three servings of vegetables every day. Numerous studies have revealed that older adults who do follow these guidelines reduce their risk for diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic health issues, and ultimately live longer.

It may be the right time to experiment with creative ideas to improve senior diets by incorporating more fruits and veggies. For example:

Choose convenience. Slicing, peeling, chopping, cooking – the many steps necessary to prepare some vegetables and fruits makes it easier to just grab a prepackaged snack. Seek out healthy alternatives which are typically just as easy to grab and enjoy, such as baby carrots, ready-to-eat salads, or other cleaned and sliced veggies, individual cups of fruit, bananas, etc.

Keep it crunchy. There are so many nutritious alternatives to greasy potato chips for a crispy snack or as a side to enjoy with a sandwich. Pick up a few for the older adult to try and see which ones are most satisfying: sweet potato, kale, beet, radish, green bean, eggplant, and much more. Or try freeze-dried fruit, another crunchy and nutritious solution.

Freeze it up. Make your own easy, healthy frozen treats by blending fruit with a little water or juice, pouring into popsicle molds, and freezing until solid. These also make a wonderful multi-generational activity! Invite the family over, let everyone choose their favorite flavor to make, and then spend some quality time together while you wait for them to chill before enjoying your personal creations.

Make it smooth. Smoothies and sauces are excellent ways to integrate a plethora of superfoods. You can create a nourishing, delicious drink by blending fresh fruit, yogurt, and a handful of spinach. Or try pureeing an assortment of vegetables to blend in with marinara sauce: zucchini, kale, bell peppers, carrots, etc.

Join a CSA. If you have never thought about a CSA, now could be the right time to investigate this option. A CSA (community supported agriculture) is a subscription service for fresh produce from local farmers. Get more information and find a CSA near you.

Help at Home Senior Care’s caregivers are skilled in preparing delicious, healthy meals according to each person’s unique preferences. We are able to pick up all of the ingredients too! Just connect with us online or at (530) 885-7444 for help with enhancing senior diets and to get other benefits from our Auburn, CA senior care and care in the nearby areas.

“I absolutely do NOT need to move to an assisted living facility!” It is a typical sentiment proclaimed by many older adults, even when they begin to have trouble with managing tasks in the home independently. And who can blame them? Home is where each of us feels secure and safe, and older adults are no exception. They’re familiar with where things are located and they enjoy following their own unique routines. They may have friends and family living nearby, who enhance their quality of life. Still, if you're starting to feel worried that a senior loved one’s safety in the home might be compromised, it may be time to look into assistance at home.

To determine if help at home for seniors is needed, the Rocklin home care experts at Help at Home Senior Care have compiled the following questions. Review these to help determine whether an older loved one is as safe as possible, or if perhaps the senior might benefit from some added assistance at home:

Weight Loss

Personal Hygiene


Home Safety

Psychological, Emotional, and Cognitive Issues

Determining the answers to questions such as these might seem overwhelming, but Help at Home Senior Care is here to provide support. Our experienced elder care team can evaluate your loved one’s situation and suggest solutions, providing you and your loved one peace of mind. Our expertly trained and knowledgeable senior care staff provide a variety of home care services, including light housekeeping, companionship, preparing nutritious meals, and so much more.

Contact us at (530) 885-7444 to learn more about our in-home care in Rocklin, CA and nearby areas, and to see how our experienced care staff can provide the help at home for seniors necessary to keep them safe and thriving. For a full list of all of the communities where we provide care, please visit our Service Area page.

There are a number of aspects associated with choosing senior care services for an older adult you love. In our ongoing commitment to help families knowledgeably sort through their options for in-home care, we recommend the following:

With a professional home care agency, you will never need to worry about determining what services will be best for the senior's particular challenges. Prior to beginning of care, the agency will visit the senior in the home and ask a variety of questions. This information will be used to develop a customized plan of care designed to meet the individual needs of the person who needs care. The agency may also work with the older adult’s doctors or others on the care team in order to coordinate other care services that may be needed.

Who Will Manage the Care?
A professional home care agency has a supervisor who can oversee regular check-ins and modify the care plan as needs change. Many families also choose to partner with a geriatric care manager who will not only help to coordinate care, but also serve the client’s advocate.

We hope that this information will prove to be helpful in the process of selecting senior care services for someone you love. Engaging the services of a caregiver through a dependable home care agency, such as Help at Home Senior Care, is always the safest choice. We’d love the opportunity to learn more about a senior you love and to help him or her live an active, engaged, and independent life with the companionship of one of our friendly caregivers. Reach out to us at (530) 885-7444 for more information on how our professional home and memory care in Auburn and surrounding areas can make each day the very best it can be for an older adult you love.

When it comes to selecting home care for elderly loved ones, there are a variety of options available to families, and it's very important to diligently research and ask the right questions in order to ensure the highest levels of care. Help at Home Senior Care has compiled the questions below that can help when contacting home care agencies to ensure you’re making an informed decision: 




We hope that if a senior you love is in Grass Valley or the surrounding areas, you’ll consider partnering with Help at Home Senior Care for your care needs. With years of experience and a full range of services, including companionship, respite care, specialized dementia care and much more, we’re here for you for a few hours a week all the way up to round-the-clock care. Reach out to us any time at (530) 885-7444 to learn more about our top-rated respite care in Grass Valley, CA and nearby areas, and to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation today. 

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