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Initiating a routine exercise habit is difficult at any age. Performing exercises is strenuous. We don’t want to waste the time. We're feeling the pain from yesterday's exercising. We've all made excuses such as these for avoiding physical fitness; but frailty and advanced age make it even more daunting to keep up with an exercise routine and maintain senior fitness.

Help at Home Senior Care hopes to help aging adults continue to be active with tips to eliminate the following senior fitness obstacles:

Keep in mind that the trick to ongoing success with an exercise program is to assure the older adult feels comfortable and safe with the strategy and the exercises. If pain is felt in muscles or joints the day after exercising, a lowered intensity can be implemented; and check with the doctor if the pain or discomfort continues.

Help at Home Senior Care's caregivers will work with your loved one's physician to implement a safe exercise plan in line with his or her abilities to boost strength, independence, and overall quality of life. Reach out to us at (530) 885-7444 to learn more about the positive aspects of daily exercise in improving senior fitness and to learn more about our home care and Alzheimer's care in Lincoln, CA and the surrounding areas.

The perks of engaging in physical activity do not decline as we age, and it’s extremely essential to have ability-appropriate workout routines for older adults. Even those who are confined to a bed or are wheelchair-bound have a wide range of opportunities available to strengthen, develop resistance, and improve flexibility.

The initial step is always to consult the physician to get a recommendation on the most beneficial exercises and activities for older persons that fit with their activity level and medical history. Initially, exercising even for as little as a couple of minutes every day, repeated several times during the day, can considerably enhance the senior’s health and wellbeing.

Below are several examples of the best workout routines for older adults:

Encouraging your loved one to start and then stick with an exercise routine is integral to success. Try these tips to make it something enjoyable that he or she will look forward to:

For more tips on helping seniors increase activity levels, contact Help at Home Senior Care. Our expert in-home caregivers are knowledgeable in helping older individuals thrive and enhance their overall wellbeing, and we love nothing more than having the assurance that the older adults in our care are healthy and living life to the fullest! Reach out to us at (530) 885-7444 to learn more about how we provide the kind of senior care Grass Valley and other nearby areas choose first! For more information about all of the different communities we serve in California, please visit our Service Area page.

Even though the yuletide season is usually viewed as a time that is joyful, full of visiting family and friends who are nearest and dearest, and finding the perfect gifts, for seniors, it can be anything but merry and bright. A blend of loved ones lost, memories of holidays past, health issues, and more can hit seniors with emotions of loneliness and sorrow. 

Help at Home Senior Care, professional provider of home care and dementia care in Lincoln, CA and nearby areas, cares deeply about making certain that older adults feel included in the celebrations and enjoy the holidays to the fullest. These guidelines for fun holiday activities for seniors can help everyone enjoy the wonder of the holiday season together:

Safety precautions may also come into play for the older adult, for a variety of reasons: heightened fall risks with all of the extra holiday decorations, difficulties sticking to a prescribed dietary plan, and for those with dementia, interruption to routine, additional visitors to the home, and higher noise levels can all lead to stress.

Keep the following in mind to be sure older adults remain safe and content:

The holiday season can certainly be fun and relaxing for everyone. With just a little pre-planning and additional thought, older individuals will enjoy the holidays as much as everyone else, creating new memories that the whole family will take pleasure in for a lifetime.

And, if in the middle of the holiday hustle and bustle you could use the support of professional home caregivers to provide home care or dementia care in Lincoln, CA or the surrounding area, Help at Home Senior Care is on hand to help! Contact us online or call us at (530) 885-7444 to learn more about how we can support you and your family and for more ideas for fun holiday activities for the elderly to enjoy this holiday season.

The holidays are loaded with get-togethers, parties, and celebrations. Yet for older adults, holiday outings call for a little additional planning. Follow these guidelines from the caring professionals at Help at Home Senior Care, providers of in-home respite care services in Grass Valley, CA and surrounding communities, to enjoy relaxed and fun outings with loved ones of all ages this season.

Before leaving the house to enjoy holiday activities for seniors, think about:

Be certain to prepare for a wide variety of possible plan changes:

Need some holiday outing suggestions that seniors will take pleasure in? Consider the following:

When participating in any holiday activities for seniors, take things slow, and create a relaxing environment to make sure loved ones are comfortable and content. Help at Home Senior Care’s in-home respite care in Grass Valley, CA and surrounding areas can offer support and boost a senior's independence while providing high-quality in-home care over the course of the holiday season and all through the year! Contact our dedicated senior care professionals online or at (530) 885-7444 to learn more. 

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