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It is instinctive to most of us that socialization with others improves well-being. It keeps us connected to other people’s experiences, beliefs, challenges, humor, viewpoints, and other human occurrences. However, now scientific research is confirming that socializing with others, and specifically socialization for seniors, actually may improve the wellness of both brain and body.

The outcomes point clearly to the impact of friendship and social engagement for seniors. A study performed by Rush University Medical Center determined that someone who noted a high degree of senior socialization was almost twice as likely to remain free of impairment with activities of daily living than someone with a lower degree of social activity. Additionally, a person is about one and a half times as likely to remain free of disability with instrumental activities of daily living or mobility. Very social seniors had a 70% reduction in their rate of cognitive decline when compared with unsocial seniors.

Nevertheless, staying social is not intuitive to all of us, and for many, it actually is more challenging with age because one’s ability to get around can be greatly reduced. Here are several ways a home care agency such as Help at Home Senior Care can help older individuals stay social and protect their quality of life:

In the Social Activity and Wellbeing of Older Australians Study, testing over 6,000 older individuals over about 5 1/2 years, seniors who have routine, regular social activity were shown to have a slower decline in intellectual and memory performance. Better mental capacity was observed most in seniors who were the most socially engaged.

Having a trusted home care agency provide in-home care to motivate and aid with senior socialization may just be one of the most important ways to help an elderly adult continue to thrive and feel alive. Help at Home Senior Care's staff are all fully committed to supporting the independence, dignity, and social connection of every senior we serve. To learn more about our in-home care in Lincoln, CA and the surrounding areas, contact us at (530) 885-7444.

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